Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains the answers to some of the most common questions we get about this game. Please read through them if you need to know something, if the answer you seek is not here, use our forums for a quick answer!

Best way to report a bug is to post it in the forums. If the bug is a critical one, like a way to get free cards or sutch, then you can email it to and use the topic "BUG IN REGNO". Use this topic to be sure that the mail gets lost in amongst spam.

MEDALS! I want one!
Medals are given out to those who deserve them. If you want to recomend a person for a medal, then go ahead, but asking for one for yourself is not a good way to get one;)
But, there is one medal you can fix for yourself, and thats the Bronse/Silver/Gold medal of the Wheel. This Medal is given to those who have 10/20/40 premium referals to the game! They are not given out by automatics, so you have to ask, and should ask for this one!

My cards are locked, why?
Cards can be locked by several reasons, one is that they are in a deck that is in a game, or if they are for sale, or such things.
If a card gets locked up, check for these things first, that solves 99% of the problems.

Can I play this game for free?
Yes you can, the starter decks are free, but cards in those cannot be traded. Trading is a big part of getting a good set of cards in this game.

How much does a starter deck cost?
When you create your account, you will be given a starter deck for free! These cards are not exchangable with other persons, but you can play with them as regular cards. To get more cards, you need to buy a boosterpack.

How much does a booster pack cost?
There are several different boosterpacks, check under "boosterpacks" in the menu.

How does the Ranking Points (RP) work?
RP is the way we measure how good a player is.
The basic rule is that you get 1 RP if you participate in a match for cards.
If you win, you get +1 point for each player in the match.
You can also get an additional +1 point, if your deck is lower or equally rated to your opponents decks.
You can also get extra points from fighting people with a crown(top 10 players) or playing high DS games!

Can I and my friend play the game from the same computer?
Yes, that is not a problem! You can actually play the game from wherever you like when you have created your account. You and your friend can even play against each other on the same computer if you like! This does only work in Internet Explorer thou.

I have a lot of unused cards, what should I do with them?
If you have a lot of cards that you don't want you can exchange some of them for tokens!
If you delete 10 cards, you automatically get 2 tokens for them.
The easiest way to delete many cards is to click on "all your cards" and then show distinct list. In this listmode you can see all your cards sorted in groups. You can delete 10, 20, 30 or 50 cards from one group at once from this list!
You will get 2 tokens in return when you delete 10 cards.

Can i get all cards in a booster pack?
No you cant, some cards can only be “merged” together and some cards are locked to special times of the year. Example, The winter wolf, can only be found during the winter, and the Brewers don’t brew during midwinter.