Regno is coming back!

Yes, its true, we are working on dusting off the old rusty core code for Regno.

A full reset

We have talked a lot about how we could do this in the best possible way. and the only reasonable solution is to reset the game.
everything stars from the beginning. That means we get a chance to tweak some cards, and remove some.
As we are totally moving away from pay to play, it would be unfair if some had millions of cards to start with.
So, everyone starts from scratch, and everyone will get some tokens at login every day.
The amount of tokens that everyone will get will be based on the amount of patreons we have. (will be one pool of patreons for both Regno and warriors2) So, the more people supporting us, the more tokens will be given out!
The actual patreons will get some small bonus too, but the main idea is that everyone will benefit from all patreons.

Todo before release